(The man pictured is a legit mechanic, not a numbskull in Freeport.)

People in Freeport need to be aware of an on-going trend of thieves stealing car parts. According to WIFR, multiple catalytic converters have been stolen from working vehicles throughout Freeport. Catalytic converters are the part of a vehicle's exhaust system that filter pollution, a part that is very valuable at $50-$250 per unit.

Why is the part so valuable? Patch.com says it's because of its material.

Catalytic Converter theft has become popular because of their value, relative ease to steal (unbolt or cut out), and their lack of identifying markings.

This is something that is happening all over the country so don't rule out the possibility of it happening in Rockford, too. You can pre-emptive by keeping your vehicle in a garage or well-lit parking area. Freeport Deputy Chief Matthew Summers told WIFR to not ignore warning signs.

"... when you have motion lights and they go off take a look to see what it is, don't just take for granted that it was an animal or something like that," says Deputy Chief Matthew Summers.

Some other ways to prevent catalytic converter theft is to invest in a motion-detection car alarm and to warn others.


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