Each month the Village of Machesney Park awards a "Yard of Distinction" in each of their six districts. 

Anyone can take care of their yard in the fall when the weather is cool. Making sure your lawn looks good during the summer when it seems like grass grows an inch an hour is a real accomplishment.

The Yard of Distinction program is Machesney Park's way of recognizing neighbors whose yards catch your eye while driving through town. It's their way of rewarding the extra time, effort, and money these people expend to make their property and their neighbor's property more valuable.

So if you drive by any of these houses give them a honk of appreciation, there will probably be someone out front pulling weeds.

  • District #1 - Lukowski Residence - 1921 Lakindale Dr.
  • District #2 - Rosek Residence - 1077 Darwin Dr.
  • District #3 - Grable Residence - 8572 Delta Dr.
  • District #4  -Hoel Residence - 1508 Sandy Point Dr.
  • District #5 - Fiepke Residence - 8109 Mildred Rd.
  • District #6 - Shields Residence (Hi Bob!!) - 7118 N. 2nd St.
  • Business Division - Blackhawk Bank - 6909 Forest Hills Rd.

Congrats everyone. Keep up the good work.