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O.K., so how many of you remember "Church School?" You may have, or no someone that went there in the 1960's, 70's, or 80's.

Church School was built back in 1894. Church School was named after a Rockford Postmaster, Seldon M Church. Church School is located at 1411 Blaisdell Street in Rockford.

According to YouTube:

"The original school building had 10 classrooms, 4 each on the 1st and 2nd floor and in the basement 2 more classrooms with the bathrooms, and a really big stair case in the middle of it.. then an annex building built in the 1900s with four classrooms including a boiler room downstairs and 4 new staircases 2 going upstairs and 2 going in the basement, which the original big staircase was demolished which then the library formerly stood upon in the 2nd floor." - Vado575

After sifting through the comment section on this video, it seems that a lot of Rockford folks loved going to this school as kids. The school was closed down in 1993, and was sold to a local reverend that wanted to turn Church School, into a church...That never happened.

This is a super cool guided tour, and leans on the side of creepy. Whenever an abandoned building gets the flashlight "guided tour" it adds some mystery and a fear of the unknown. The old building structure, rooms that are still messy with books scattered all over and the wooden gym floor add some spooky to the tour.

Here is Church School:

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