I got into a discussion the other night about pet names. My Stepdaughter came home from a friend's house that had like 15 cats. She was trying her best to say all the names, but kinda gave up after number 6. We all laughed because there is always a "Mittens" or an "Oreo." So this got me thinking, what if you wanted to prove to someone you were from Rockford, what could you name your pet?

Now I switched from cats to dogs for this, because even typing 15 cats made me sneeze...Let's name 9 new furry friend, to prove we are from Rockford...and GO:

Symbol - That red/orange thingy...It stands for Rockford or something. Great dog name, come here Symbol.

Townsquare Media

 Peaches - Awww, how cute and it's super Rockford. 

bfffestival via Instagram

Trick - Does your dog do tricks, no his name IS Trick. Mommies alright, daddies alright...


Burpee - Do dogs actually "burp?" Not sure about that, but naming your dog after a Rockford museum, that's SO Rockford.

Burpee Museum of Natural History via Facebook

815 - See, not that this is TOTALLY a Rockford thing, but Rockford thinks it is. It's on shirts, and events, and food items...Why not name your dog "815."

Rock - This is a great dog name. But make sure it's on a little pup and not a big scary one. That makes it even better.

City of Rockford Government, Facebook

Double T - Seriously, I'm surprised I haven't heard of a dog named "Double T!" Everyday when I come into work I always say, "Who's a good boy..."

Tinker - Now THIS has to be some giant Pitbull or some intense looking breed for sure. The bigger the better, "come here Tinker."

Tinker Swiss Cottage courtesy of The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project

Coronado - "Crown Jewel" would also work. Historic, powerful, epic, iconic. Here's our new Golden Retriever named, "Coronado."

Photo - Rob Carroll

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