So you and the family are heading to Wisconsin Dells for the weekend; once you get there, you get all settled into your room, gather the troops and head to Sprecher's for dinner. After indulging in a pulled pork sandwich, a few beers and some dessert, the bill comes, but when you go to pay, your card is declined.

What? That's impossible, you think to yourself. You just put money in your account specifically for this trip, so how on earth could it not be there?  You frantically try to retrace your steps, thinking of all the places you stopped on the way, which was one gas station in Madison; but you only filled up your tank and it came to $32.41.

Little did you know, there was a skimming device on your pump's card reader. The newest and sneakiest way that thieves are stealing your bank information. The device steals the magnetic information from your card and with that information, they can clone your card and drain your bank account, rack up bills and ruin your credit.

Authorities say the best way to avoid falling victim to one of these devices is to pay inside; with the cashier.

Unsure of how to detect whether or not the pump you're using may have a skimming device? This video should help.