As a morning radio talk show host, I get up really early each day. I've often claimed that if someone had told me that I would be spending the majority of my adult life getting out of bed at 3:15am, I would have done something study harder to get a better job, or something equally crazy-sounding. But, no one told me, so I keep getting up.

I've never really had any difficulty with the "getting-out-of-bed" part. Don't get me wrong, when the alarm clock goes off, the words "vocational error" do run through my head, but I get up anyway, just like you do. I have worked with a few folks over the years who, for whatever reasons, just found themselves unable to do it. Sure, maybe for a few days, but after that, not so much. I had one co-worker who needed 3 alarm clocks to make it out of bed each day. One on the nightstand, one on the bathroom counter, and one in the hallway just outside of his bedroom. They were set to go off sequentially, at five minute intervals. It worked...for about two weeks. By then, he had discovered that he actually did make a vocational error, and quit.

My point to all of this (besides trying to keep myself awake by typing), is that there's technology out there that just might make your morning wake-up a little more interesting, even if it still sucks:

Go ahead an get yourself one. We start the WROK morning show each weekday at 5am. See you then.