We’ve Got Some Strange Names for Places in Illinois
I was just watching something on YouTube that had people from anywhere other than the Midwest trying to pronounce Midwestern place names. As you might imagine, it was pretty humorous to watch folks take on names that we're fairly familiar with, but they had never heard of.
What are Illinoisans Asking Google About?
When I was a kid, like most every kid, I had questions. Lots and lots of them. My parents would do their level best to answer most of them, but sometimes, when they a) didn't know the answer, or b) they were tired of the barrage of questions, I was told to "go look it up." Since this time-…
Super Bowl Prop Bets Are More Interesting than the Game
In case you hadn't been paying attention (since the only Bears and/or Packers you'll see on Sunday are spectators), the Big Game, or Super Bowl 51 (LI) is happening this coming Sunday. If you don't really care at all about football, then take a look at some of the "prop bets&…
Do You Have a Unique Rockford Christmas Tradition?
A few of us were sitting around the office wasting precious company time planning out the remainder of the week, when the topic of Christmas traditions came up. One staff member says it's not Christmas unless they line their driveway and sidewalk with their annual "lumineria," or, to put i…

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