Meet the Raccoon Dog That’s Storming the Internet
The internet has fallen in love with Tanu the Tanuki, a creature that I didn't even know existed before reading about it this morning (apparently, the spell-check on my computer doesn't know about them either, as it keeps insisting that I have the spelling wrong)...
Veteran Cop Helps Runner Over Finish Line
I've made no secret of the fact that I back the blue. The men and women of law enforcement face an almost impossible task, but every day they pin on the badge and go out to serve and protect. Lately, as you are well aware, cops have come under a withering attack from several quarters, and lack …
The Fantastic Randomly Appearing Mexican Float
This is a strangely charming video that's racked up well over a million views on YouTube, Reddit, and many other sites over the last week. Submitted by Joe Betance, and recorded from his front porch in East L.A., it shows a brightly colored float, loaded with some great singers and musicians, r…
Mailman’s Plea for Books Goes Global
It all started with 12 year old Mathew Flores asking his local mailman, Ron Lynch, if he had any extra junk mail. Now, millions of views later, Mathew's story is filling his home with books.
From 7 on Line:
Mathew Flores is a typical 12-year-old boy...
Woman Misses Ferry, Meltdown Goes Viral
(Warning: Some language NSFW)
Wow. In my day, I've seen kids throw a temper tantrum or two. It's to be expected...they're kids.
But when an adult has a screaming, foot-stomping meltdown, people really take notice.
From CTV News:
The video, posted to a Facebook page called &…
Another Christmas Video From the Holderness Family
They're at it again.
The Holderness Family, who've posted mega-viewed videos celebrating snow days, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more have just uploaded their Christmas 2014 "Newsletter" video to YouTube.
By the way, their videos have been viewed so many times, and the dema…