Rockford Police Are Trying to Reduce Serious Crashes
On Tuesday of this week, you may have noticed an increased Rockford Police presence in the areas of Charles Street from 9th Street to Parkside Drive and Broadway from 9th Street to Alpine Road. You may have even met the police up-close-and-personal.
China Has the Worst Traffic Jams on Earth
I sometimes laugh a bit when someone complains about being caught in Rockford's rush hour. Not that it can't be a pain, but c' know that there are places so much worse, like Chicago and Milwaukee, both close enough that you could go see for yourself without having to go to Ne…
Illinois Traffic Fatalities Up In 2015
Dave Dahl -- Illinois Radio Network
More cars mean more accidents, and that means more fatalities. The National Safety Council says the first half of the year has recorded a fourteen percent increase compared to last year.
More favorable weather and a better economy for driving are the reasons...