Top 7 Worst Midwest States for Taxes
With the primary election set for next Tuesday in Illinois, there certainly is a huge increase in discussion from politicians and voters about taxes and the how much we pay. So, are people in Illinois getting a good deal compared to our neighboring states?
Congressman Randy Hultgren Talks Tax Cuts and More
14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren joins us once a month, either from the district or from Washington, to discuss some of the issues of the day. This morning, he joined us on the WROK Morning Show to talk tax cuts, health care for kids, and other things happening in the House.
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Releases His Tax Returns
I don't know which of these two things would be less fun--going to Wrigley Field last night to see the Cubs lose game 3 of the NLCS to the Dodgers, or releasing your tax returns for the world to see and/or judge. Yesterday, Governor Bruce Rauner did both.
Illinois Lawmakers are Getting Serious About a Gas Tax Hike
As a native Illinoisan, I'm rarely surprised by the goings-on in Springfield. I mean, after the recent multi-billion dollar tax hike, coupled with dubious claims of balancing the budget that we know aren't true--how could the idea of the state reaching even further into our pocke…

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