Obese Raccoon in Zion Rescued by Police
I know that in today's politically-correct climate that "fat-shaming" will get a person in trouble pretty quick, but c'mon, let's be honest. There are certain members of the animal kingdom here in Illinois that could stand to drop a couple of pounds. Masked bandits, …
Cops Rescue Lost Sloth from Highway Guardrail
Look at that face and tell me you wouldn't come to this sloth's rescue if it needed you. Of course you would. Not only that, but I'd be willing to bring it home to live at my house. Keep in mind, I know absolutely zero about sloth care and maintenance, but whatever, sloths are really cute, and I'm s…
Dramatic Helicopter Rescue at Ski Resort
As anyone who listens to the Riley and Scot Show knows, we are big fans and admirers of first responders. Those men and women who run (or, in this case, fly) toward dangerous situations, no matter the time, day, or weather, deserve our endless respect and support...
Packers Fan Goes Deep for Tickets
Tickets to an NFL game are, to be kind, fairly pricey. That's why once you've paid for them, you'll want to keep them in a safe place until you need to produce them for entry into the stadium.
The guy in the video below knows

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