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What are the Lowest-Paying Occupations in Illinois?
As you're probably aware, low-wage earners across the country intensified their push for a $15 per hour minimum wage by waging a national day of protest on Tuesday. We took a look at the numbers from the US Bureau of Statistics to see which Illinois jobs had the lowest hourly wages.
What’s Your Share of Illinois’ Debt?
Judging by the photo of the person being crushed by a credit card (no actual people were harmed by a giant card), you might be guessing that your share of our state's outstanding debt is pretty high...and you would be right.
Rockford and Carol Stream Tie for Most DUI Arrests
"Don't drink and drive" are four words that you've probably heard a million times, yet despite all the warnings, lots of people still do it. And, here in Rockford, they're getting arrested for it more than almost anywhere in the state of Illinois.
More Cool Things Made in Illinois
These days, it can be easy to get down on our state. The continued budget impasse, along with the political fighting that goes with it, the huge list of hardworking groups and organizations waiting to be paid, and the recent downgrade of Illinois' credit all get a lot more coverage than the goo…
Who Gets the Blame for Illinois’ Budget Mess?
Illinois' budget impasse is nearly a year old, and while the financial future of our state is up in the air, assigning the blame for the mess is apparently not. According to a new Capitol Fax/We Ask America poll, Illinois voters think this guy is the problem.
6 Illinois Cities Named Among “Safest in the Nation”
Talk about your "good news/bad news" scenarios. The good news is that 6 Illinois cities, with populations of at least 10,000 people, are regarded among the safest cities in America by home security provider Safewise. The bad news? Rockford did not make the list.
Things You May Not Know About Illinois
When I'm looking for information about what's going on here in the state of Illinois, one of my favorite sites to visit is Reboot Illinois. The site is loaded with all kinds of information, including news, politics, money, opinion, and some great lists...
City Slogans From Around Illinois
By this time, virtually everyone knows Chicago is not known as "The Windy City" due to actual high winds, right? It's almost certainly a result of an editorial from a New York newspaper claiming Chicago was "full of hot-air politicians."  And being referred to as "City of th…