11 Towns in Illinois You Need to Visit This Christmas
Love soaking up every single minute of the beauty of Christmas? Plan a holiday road trip now to check out all of the holiday magic right here in Illinois.
One holiday tradition I always look forward to is grabbing a hot mug of cocoa, loading the family into our van, and taking a drive through several…
Little Girl’s To-Do List Goes Viral
As the father of a boy and girl, I've seen my share of "dust-ups" between siblings. My two usually get along fine, but...there have been times I've threatened to sell them to the first travelling circus that comes along.
With that in mind, I had to laugh when I encountered…
The Most Popular Movies Set in Each U.S. State
Being big movie fans, Scot and I spend some time on our show discussing films (primarily the classics, like Die Hard, Caddyshack, Stripes, etc.). Hat tip to our pal Steve Shannon who gave me the heads-up on the map featured above.
This map was created by Reddit...

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