Size Does Matter: How Illinois Compares Size-Wise with the World
We feature studies and surveys that compare our state of Illinois with the 49 other states in the union quite frequently. We've recently learned that our state is one of the toughest states for taxpayers, one of the best states to be a police officer, in the middle when it comes to entertainmen…
Stroll on State 2016: By-the-Numbers
By now you may have heard that Rockford's Stroll on State, held on November 26th in downtown Rockford, set a new attendance record of 75,000 people. That's almost 10,000 more people enjoying the night than did last year.
A Few Numbers on The World Series
I'm planning on watching this year's World Series. Not nearly as intensely or emotionally as I'd hoped I would be just a couple of weeks ago, but I'm a Cub fan, and can say with a tad more sincerity than in past years, "Wait'll next year...