Illinois Gas Prices Continue to Rise
It's not your imagination. You actually are paying more for a gallon of gas today than you did last month, and almost 25 cents more than you did last year at this time. And yes, the rise in prices is continuing.
What Weird Things Are Illinoisans Searching For On Google?
A while back in this space, I posted a piece entitled "What are Illinoisans Asking Google About?" In a nutshell, it was a look at what each state, starting with our own, was asking Google about more than any other state. Some of the entries were a bit on the odd side, so today, let…
Have You Noticed That Illinois Gas Prices Are Rising?
Maybe you didn't think much about gas prices in November, as they were on average about 11 cents cheaper per gallon than in October. However, due to some moves made by OPEC, you can expect to start noticing this month, and even more as we head into the new year.
Indiana Teens Ask City to Ban Saggy Pants
We hear about efforts like this every now and then, usually pushed by older residents in a community. However, in Gary, Ind., it's the youth pushing for a ban on saggy pants.
The Times of Northwest Indiana reports that the Gary Youth Council, whose members are teens, plans to ask the City Council to …
Amazing Train vs. Limo Crash in Indiana
Before we continue, no one was hurt in this crash.
Pretty amazing video out of Elkhart County, Indiana. According to reports, some teenagers were out to celebrate a friend's birthday when their rented limo developed engine trouble in the absolute worst possible spot: a train crossing...
Jeb Bush: Indiana Has Done the Right Thing With RFRA [AUDIO]
In its very first segment on its very first night as part of the daily lineup on WROK, The Hugh Hewitt Show hit a home run. His guest at the top of the program was former Florida governor and likely 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush
On perhaps the most-discussed topic of the day, Bush told Hugh th…
What Does Corruption In Illinois Cost You?
It's a cliche because it's true: Illinois is one of the most corrupt state in the country. With two of the last three Governors spending time behind bars it's not tough to figure out. And it's not as if voter are unaware. Fully 89 percent of Illinoisans believe corrupti…