Throwback Thursday: Rockford in 1949
I see people posting "Throwback Thursday" photos and video all over social media every week, so I went looking through the archives and happened upon a really cool, well-produced look at life in Rockford at the mid-point of the last century.
Throwback Thursday: Dinosaur at the Mall
I first became aware of "Throwback Thursday" thanks to my wife Amy, and my daughter Molly. Those two routinely post photos from the past on social media, using using a hashtag and "TBT." Being a bit of a dinosaur myself, it took some explaining, but I got it. You've got pictures …
Abraham Lincoln’s Visit to Rockford, and Other Lincoln Facts
The photo of Lincoln that you're looking at was taken in Beardstown, Illinois in 1858. It is supposedly one of the last (if not the very last) photos taken of Lincoln without a beard (and it was taken in Beardstown? Oh, the irony!). This photo gives you a pretty good idea of what Lincoln looked…
Those Folks in the Past Talked Funny
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem proudly calls itself "The Oldest Inn in England." The inn purports to have opened its doors for business in 1189, and it's been going strong ever since. Their name would seem to indicate that this spot is where people began a pilgrimage to the Ho…

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