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Is Rockford One of Illinois’ Smartest Cities?
The career expert website Zippia has just released their list of the "Smartest Cities in Illinois," and you might be wondering how Rockford and surrounding communities fared in their rankings. Well, it's kind of a good news/bad news scenario.
Wait, Your Mascot is a What?
Growing up in nearby Oregon, Illinois, our high school mascot was a hawk. We were the Oregon Hawks. Nothing really unusual or noteworthy about that one. However, one of our conference opponents at the time, Polo, had the unusual team name of "The Marcos." That's right, the Polo Marcos. I'v…
Japanese High Schooler’s Unorthodox Antics at the Plate
Almost 10 million people have checked out the clip above. Not a whole lot of info to go on, other than this is a Japanese high school baseball player demonstrating a rather unusual routine for taking a few practice swings.
Many have found it to be funny, goofy, or clever...

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