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What’s the Best Day of the Week to Buy Gas in Rockford?
If you're like me, and I know I am--you've never really considered what day of the week it is while stopping to fill up with gas. I mean, call me old school, but I generally fill up when it appears that my tank is low and in need of a refuel. Now I find out that's been costing me mone…
Have You Noticed That Illinois Gas Prices Are Rising?
Maybe you didn't think much about gas prices in November, as they were on average about 11 cents cheaper per gallon than in October. However, due to some moves made by OPEC, you can expect to start noticing this month, and even more as we head into the new year.
Could Gas Prices Drop To $1 a Gallon?
Prices at the pump have been falling for some time in the Rockford area, with a gallon of regular going for about $1.90 per gallon these days. The statewide average sits at $1.96 right now, according to But how far could those prices fall...

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