Scottish Castle Teetering on the Brink
The image above was taken yesterday at Abergeldie Castle, near the Queen's residence in Balmoral. As you can see, the 450 year old castle, once rented by the royal family, is very close to tipping over into the River Dee, which is swollen with flood waters...
Rauner Tours Flooding Across Central and Southern Illinois
Dave Dahl -- Illinois Radio Network
Finishing a three-day New Year's weekend tour of central and southern Illinois flood damage, Gov. Bruce Rauner says the worst seems to be in the state's southern tip.
“Down in Alexander County, the water is still rising,” says t…
Man’s Predicament Shocks TV Anchors
You've got to admire a guy who's cool and unflappable in a serious situation. A guy who can keep it together and do the right thing when life throws a big curveball. A guy like Texan Kerry Parker.
During the recent spate of thunderstorms that swept through Texas, Parker found his car, with …