Gurnee, Illinois Graduate Celebrates With Total Face-Plant
Just before my high school graduation ceremony in May of 1981, our graduating class was warned to "not throw your caps in the air at the end of the ceremony." We did it anyway, and miraculously, there were no injuries. Had we been warned to "not do any backflips to celebra…
Dogs Aren’t Always Man’s Best Friend
Having a dog and two cats at our home gives my family and I the opportunity to test that old adage that "dogs are man's best friend." I must admit, up until seeing the video below, that I thought the dog had this competition won hands, er, paws down...
Will Amazon Do Prime Day II?
I'm guessing that at some point Amazon will attempt another Prime Day...but it will probably be awhile before they live down July 15th's Prime Day.
An event billed as being "Bigger than Black Friday" turned out to be a day full of red faces at Amazon...
Laughing Through a Kitchen Disaster
If you've ever spent time in a kitchen (preparing food, not just consuming), you've probably experienced a kitchen disaster of one sort or another.
The worst kind involves the calling of an ambulance or fire truck, the seeking of new shelter for you and your family, etc...
Now That’s Embarrassing
"Who Wants to be a Millionaire" contestant gets treated to the most embarrassing moment of her life when faced with what most would think is a simple question. As a matter of fact, it was her first question. Oops.

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