Rockford and Carol Stream Tie for Most DUI Arrests
"Don't drink and drive" are four words that you've probably heard a million times, yet despite all the warnings, lots of people still do it. And, here in Rockford, they're getting arrested for it more than almost anywhere in the state of Illinois.
Tree-Killing Beetle Found in 14 More Illinois Counties
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — The state Agriculture Department says a beetle that's killed hundreds of millions of U.S. ash trees has spread to more Illinois counties.
The agency said Monday that the emerald ash borer is confirmed in 14 new counties, bringing to 50 the number with confirmed inf…
How Illinois Counties Got Their Names
We've had a rather Illinois-centric week in this space. We've learned how much we didn't know about our state, in addition to taking a look at Illinois' unusually-named mascots.
Today, let's wrap up the week with the state itself, in particular the counties that make up Illin…