Rockford is Looking at Record-Breaking Heat this Weekend
Starting Friday, the Forest City is going to get a whole lot warmer. How much warmer? Well, with the projected high temperature on Friday expected to hit 93, and up to 95 degrees on Saturday, we might be looking at new state records. We may not make it, but we will be in the over-heated ballpark.
Thermal Imaging Shows Effects of Cold
We've all heard that you should wear a hat on very cold days because you lose almost 90% of your body's heat through your head. My mom used that little fun fact every time I left the house between the months of December and April. The problem with her advice was it's wrong...
On a Cold Day, How About a Volcano S’more?
It's a painfully cold day here in northern Illinois. Temperatures are not expected to rise much more than 10 degrees above zero, with sub-zero windchills throughout the day and into the evening. It's days like this that make you think about housing prices in Arizona, Florida, and Texas...
Ice Fishing Season, Duck Season…It’s Both!
Up until seeing this, the most shocking thing about ice fishing would be finding me doing it.
Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against ice fishing. Other than the idea of actually taking part. I'm more of a sit on a boat/dock/chair while drinking beer kind of fisherman, and to be v…
Ice-Skating to Work in Edmonton
In a strange way, it makes sense. In a world of carpool lanes and bike lanes, why not a skate lane, or "freezeway?"
From the BBC:
Unlike other cities in the US and Canada that have banned activities such as tobogganing because of insurance costs, Edmonton has no such laws..…

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