Chicago River

Interested in Taking a Swim in the Chicago River?
When I think of the Chicago River, my mind tends to lean toward images of the river being dyed green for Saint Patrick's Day, not for a refreshing dip. So, I was more than a little surprised to learn that a movement is afoot to make the Chicago River "swim-able."
Chicago Marks 100 Years Since Eastland Disaster [PHOTOS]
One hundred years ago today, on July 24, 1915, the Eastland passenger ship listed to its side in the Chicago River between LaSalle Drive and Clark Street. More than 840 people died in the disaster. That's a higher number than the fatalities in the Titanic sinking...
Dyeing the Chicago River Green [time-lapse video]
Whether you're nursing a wee bit of a headache on this day after St. Patrick's Day, or you're making life difficult for someone who is, I think you'll find this time-lapse video of the Chicago River being dyed a festive green to be pretty cool...