U of Illinois Bans Hoverboards in All Campus Buildings
URBANA, Ill. (AP) — The University of Illinois' flagship campus has broadened its ban on hoverboards to cover all of its buildings and other campus facilities.
The university last week told students the two-wheeled scooters were prohibited in campus housing but widened that restriction Tue…
Illinois Lawmakwer Seeks Ban on Ammo and Firearm Taxes
Illinois News Network
A state representative is looking to get you more bang for your buck.
Southern Illinois Democratic Representative Jerry Costello filed a measure he says would ban any extra taxes or fees imposed by local governments on the purchase of firearms or ammunition...
Smoking Ban on Illinois College Campuses To Go Into Effect
An anti-smoking bill signed into law by former Gov. Pat Quinn is about to change where people light up on state-supported college campuses. In short, nowhere.
Starting Wednesday, smoking on all state-supported college and university campuses in Illinois will be prohibited...
Illinois Colleges to be Smoke-Free Indoors and Out
CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois' public colleges are going smoke-free — indoors and out — starting next summer.
Gov. Pat Quinn says he's signed a law that bans indoor and outdoor smoking at all state-supported colleges and universities.
The bill makes exceptions for smoking inside privately owned vehicles tra…