Illinois Beer Bill Heads To Governor’s Desk
It's not all doom and gloom in Springfield these days. There actually are a few things getting done.
And if we're to believe some of the quotes from this Tribune story, the Illinois Beer Bill is one of the good things taking place. The House approved the measure Tuesday on 87-20 after …
Can You Spell ‘Budweiser’?
Of course, that's a silly question at this point. "Budweiser" is right there in the headline so obviously you can spell it now.
However, according to Bartrendr, an app that lets users share information about their favorite bars and taverns, approximately 40% of Americans c…
Wisconsin and Illinois Among the Worst States For Binge Drinkers
Winter is upon us. It (soon) will be cold. It will be windy. And it will be full of snow.
What to do? Unfortunately, a new report says too many Midwesterners decide drinking could be the answer:
More than one out of every four Wisconsin adults binge drinks, placing the state second to last in the nati…