A man in Batavia is wanted for being one of the dumbest criminals in history.

Try to wrap your head around this one.

On November 25, 2015 this young man decided to visit a photo booth at Funway Amusements in Batavia.

While inside, he pried open the cash drawer and took just about $75 in cash.

While he was tampering with the cash box in the photo booth, he accidentally triggered the photo taking mechanism.

These are his photos:

Batavia Police Department
Batavia Police Department
Batavia Police Department

My personal favorite, the last photo. If he would have smiled it would have been even better.

The machine is designed to take photographs when it senses the cash drawer is tampered with.

The report has just been announced yesterday on Facebook because it was delayed until the owner could get a repairman to pull the images from the machine.

If you recognize the man in the photos, please contact the Batavia Police Department Investigations Division at 630-454-2500.