There are times when the hate goes to far, or in this case the hate is just so weak, you almost feel bad for the person who put it together.

"Put it together" is actually too strong to use when describing this photo that I found on Imgur today.

The photo is titled "Ankle jewelry in Rockford vs the World" and I'm sure you know exactly where this joke is headed.

The first panel is Italy, then Spain, followed by India and then Rockford. The Rockford photo features a woman wearing an ankle monitor.

Whether or not you think the picture is funny isn't really the point here, at least not to me.

The photo was Photoshopp'd and poorly at that. It looks like this was a meme used for another city and that other city was "whited out" in favor of "Rockford, IL" in a completely different font.

That's what bothers me the most, not that it's dumb, but it's so lazy it makes the contributor look worse than the city itself.

If you're going to be a hater, you probably should make sure that your effort is on point. Until then he or she might want to focus on a Photoshop class to sharpen their skills.