Andrew Barelli is a local farmer that is doing his farming away from the country. Barelli is farming in the city.

Urban farming is a growing trend that is taking on life in bigger cities where farmers are utilizing larger vacant spaces in order to grow crops that will in turn hopefully net them a profit.

A video on Aidan Osborne's YouTube channel highlights what Barelli's trying to do in Rockford when it comes to urban farming.

From the looks of things, it appears Barelli is off to a good start. He's delivering fresh vegetables to Octane, setting up shop at Edgebrook's Farmer's Market all while dealing with the city of Rockford.

According to the video, Barelli and the city are at odds over a plot of vacant land on Driftwood that he has turned into farmland.

What do you think? Should Barelli be allowed to farm on land that isn't officially his?