If you've spent any time in Rockford you've been to Lino's.

If you haven't been to Lino's stop reading this and go there now. It's an institution for good reason. I'm not going to say it's the best pizza in Rockford. That's a tough thing to nominate. I will say that depending on my mood it CAN be the best pizza in Rockford. Make sense?

WGN took their Chicago's Best on the road down I-90 to make a stop at Lino's. Usually these fluff pieces offer nothing new. Here's the guy that runs it. Here's the old guy in the kitchen. Oohh... It's oven time. I mean pretty much all pizza looks good. It's pizza. What caught my eye in this video happens at 2:35, about 30 seconds before Andy Gannon makes an appearance.

It's a sausage rain machine. That's the best way to describe it. Just go watch it. Alton Brown has a saying that no kitchen needs a uni-tasker, except for the fire extinguisher. Well Alton, I disagree. I don't know what else you could use this sausage rain machine for legally.

If you ever wondered if writing a blog about pizza makes you want pizza, I'm here to tell you that it 100% does. I'd write some more about this but I have to get down State Street for some pizza.

P.S. Rockford Style pizza? Is this a thing? Never heard of it.