Have you ever thought to yourself, "Today would have been so much better if I could have thrown an axe." Good news, soon you can.

That's because Canadian company Bad Axe Throwing is coming to Chicago and people celebrating their birthday's and bachelor and bachelorette parties are lining up to toss an axe or two.

Bad Axe Throwing

Sounds crazy but it might just be the best stress reliever since the squishy ball.

According to DNA Info, the first U.S. location for Bad Axe Throwing will open "at 165 N. Loomis St. near Bottom Lounge on Sept. 9."

The story also mentions that nearly 60% of their current clients are female.

The next time a birthday party, wedding, or who knows, a baby shower comes up and you need a fresh idea maybe a trip to Chicago to throw some axes around might be your best bet.

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