17% of your waking hours (about 18 hours) are spent behind the wheel of a car each and every week if you're an average American. However, sharing the roads with lots of high-risk drives makes it seem like a lot more.

According to studies by Nielsen and the Bureau of Labor Statistics,

That alone spells risk not only because the odds of an accident increase with the number of miles we drive, but also because the more time-crunched we are, the more likely we are to attempt multitasking or otherwise drive recklessly.

We've all seen the "Multi-taskers" out there. The ones who are so occupied with their phones that they don't worry about drifting into other lanes, using their turn signals, or, God forbid, actually paying attention at a stoplight. Don't honk at them, though. You may cause them to miss a cool text or Facebook post, and for that, they'll most likely flip you off.

WalletHub's number crunchers took a look at all 50 states to determine which states are the strictest and least-strict when it comes to dealing with what are being called 'high-risk" drivers. WalletHub independently assessed how tough states are on DUI, speeding and reckless driving as well as the corresponding insurance cost increases that high-risk drivers can expect. In spite of what you may be witnessing each day on the road, Illinois actually ranks very high on the "strict" list.

The top ten states that are toughest on the high-risk folks out there are:

  1. Arizona
  2. Alaska
  3. Georgia
  4. West Virginia
  5. Virginia
  6. Delaware
  7. Illinois
  8. Oregon
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Colorado

Illinois' breakdown numbers:

High-Risk Driving in Illinois (1=Strictest; 25=Avg.):

  • 30th – DUI Criminal Penalties
  • 4th – DUI Prevention
  • 6th – Speeding Enforcement
  • 8th – Reckless Driving Penalties
  • 2nd – Average Increase in Cost of Insurance

Never seen real, first-class bad driving before? Take a look:

((Warning: some language NSFW. Also, no one was killed or seriously injured in these vids.))