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What to Avoid During Rockford’s Current Heatwave
As I write this, Rockford's current temperature reading is only 84 degrees. However, before the day is out, we'll see temps over 90 degrees with a heat index that goes even higher. The next several days may bring even warmer temperatures--maybe even as high as 95.
Would This Kind of Event Work Here in Rockford?
Here in Rockford, we've shown ourselves to be very open-minded when it comes to trying out sports and/or games that are popular in other countries, but do we have enough hearty, adventurous souls around here to take on the very British Cheese Rolling Race? I think we do, although at this point …
The Rock River Anything That Floats Race Returns August 20th
When I first started at WROK in 1983, one of the first of many really cool events that I was introduced to was the WROK/WZOK Anything That Floats Rock River Raft Race. Hundreds and hundreds of people participated, and thousands more lined the banks of the Rock River to cheer them on. After a go…

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