Check Out the Planned Demolition of the Georgia Dome
It was less than 30 years old, and the only stadium in the world to host the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the Final Four. I say "was" because it was taken down (mostly) this morning by about 5000 pounds of explosives. Don't worry, it was on purpose.
Beware The Hottest Thing in I.D. Theft–ATM Skimming
Chicago police issued an alert after at least a dozen ATMs were found to have skimming devices attached to them at stores and banks across the city.
The devices, placed over or inside card slots to steal account information from customers, were discovered at 13 separate locations in less than a …
We Set Our Clocks Back This Weekend–But, Why?
You know the routine. Spring ahead, fall back. In case you'd forgotten, this is the weekend we crank our clocks back an hour as we make the transition from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time. Many people wonder why we're still doing it.

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